Domaine Henrioud

Respecting the environment for a sustainable future.

Our vineyard, which has been biodynamic for several years, is located in Auvernier on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel.

We cultivate our vines according to the BioSuisse and Demeter (international biodynamic label) guidelines, which means we use no pesticides, acarioids or insecticides. We use only natural products.

For the vinification, we use no oenological products, apart from a little sulfur for conservation. This method enables our wines to retain their character. We find a Chasselas with a true grape flavor, a Pinot Noir with hints of wild berries and spices, and a Rosé with finesse. All our wines are meant to age.


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  • Demeter


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Grand-Rue 6 – 2012 Neuchâtel

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